Gambling Insights

Introducing Texans Bets

Each week, friend of the pod and longtime bettor Kyle Rose will give you his best bets for the week. There is one rule: the bets have to be pro-Texans (team or players). This column will run each week in advance of the Thursday night match-up. If you have any questions or feedback, you can email Kyle directly at:

Good luck!



As a brief introduction, I'm Kyle...nice to meet you! I've been betting on sports since my father started taking me to Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore (home of the Preakness) in the late 1980s. Over the years, I've tried for just over 50% of my bets. While this sounds terrible, it's actually decent for an amateur (for context, pro gamblers aim for about a 55% win rate or better... here's a good explanation:

If you're new to sports gambling or need a refresher, I'll give my picks as either "moneyline" or "spread" bets. Moneyline bets are posted as a +/- figure, with + bets less likely and - bets more likely to hit. For example, a +250 money line bet would win $250 plus the original $100 back for a $100 bet. Spread bets describe a handicap given to the underdog and favorite. For example, a theoretical Texans-Dolphins matchup with the Texans a heavy favorite might be posted as Texans -10.5, Dolphins...