Positive Vibes Only

Why did we choose the name Texan’s Unfiltered? Our goal was to present the Texans in a way that was not “filtered” by the media narrative. A narrative that is set by national writers/analysts that are only capable of devoting a minimum amount of time to the Texans, and in doing so they take the easiest path.

Here’s the thing. I want to like things. I enjoy liking things. I do not find enjoyment in complaining and “hating” on my chosen team. I am going to attempt to find the rationale behind all moves, and stay as positive as I possibly can.

Full disclaimer: I am on the record advocating that we move on from Bill O’Brien. I personally believe that Bill O’Brien is a brilliant football mind, but there is only a “small window” for a coach to develop a Super Bowl team. Historically, if a coach does win a Super Bowl within 5 years, they will not win one with that franchise.

The NFL is the pinnacle of professional football. The best minds in the sport of football coach in the NFL. This is an inarguable fact. The best college coach of all time could not cut it in the NFL. Coaches that can not adapt their schemes and approach to personnel will not suddenly “get it”.

How many offense “geniuses” from 10 years ago are still around? How about even 5 years ago?

Coaches and Front Offices tend to become more conservative, and the boldness that allowed coaches to reach their position fades. The longer they are in a position of power, the more risk-averse they tend to become. They hold on to their position with both hands and make safe decisions. They fail to innovate. They fail to call aggressive plays. They fail to trust new ways of collecting information. You see proof of this in every game and every press conference. The Texans suffered through this for years

While I do not believe that I would make the same personnel moves that O’Brien; Bill O’Brien has dedicated his entire life to football. He has worked his way up from literally the trenches without the advantage of nepotism. Bill O’Brien is not an idiot. He may be reckless, conceited, and arrogant; but the man does know football.

He’s the guy in your fantasy league that wants a player, will not take “no” for an answer, and wildly overpays. He’s the guy that breaks all the “rules”. The rest of the league “mocks” him or calls him the “Taco”. And here’s the thing sometimes just sometimes that guy wins.