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Jordan Pun's 2022 NFL Draft Guide | Texans Thoughts

The best time of the year is upon us! The NFL Draft offers teams the best opportunity to build long-term success for the future. I hope my Houston Texans go home with a haul! The Draft also resembles a monumental time in these college players' lives as they fulfill their dreams and embark into the NFL world.

Predicting the success of these players is extremely difficult. My rankings will be different than your rankings or your favorite NFL Draft experts' rankings and that's okay. Whether you agree or disagree, I appreciate you for viewing my guide and welcome you to hit me up on Twitter (@Texans_Thoughts) to discuss whichever player you want!

My guide includes in-depth scouting reports on 222 players in the 2022 NFL Draft Class. I try to paint a picture of the prospect, providing measurements, injury history, background information, strengths, weaknesses, a summary and the best scheme fit + role projection to maximize a player's success.

Furthermore, you will find three different big boards, a brief explanation of my grading criteria and positional rankings. The order of the positional rankings and "Overall Big Board" differ from the film grades assigned to each player, as they encompass every characteristic scouts must take into consideration such as production, intangibles, injuries, etc.

Now, I want to show my gratitude for everyone who has supported me in the past few years since I started "Texans Thoughts". It has truly been an unreal journey and I am excited to continue to improve and grow.

Football is my unparalleled passion and pursuing a full-time career as an NFL Scout is my dream. This is why this Draft Guide means so much to me. It is like my baby and I am happy to share it with you all.

Finally, a massive thank you to those who helped me put together the technical aspects of the guide - Ryan, Beige, Jay and Trey. It could not be done without your help, appreciate you boys!

Alright, enough is enough, here you can find my project of the year, I hope you enjoy: Jordan Pun's 2022 NFL Draft Guide