Film Breakdown: What Jonathan Greenard brings to the Texans

Jonathan Greenard was hands down my favorite Texans draft pick and I believe he will be an instant contributor to the team. He brings highly advanced pass rushing moves, with plenty of counters as well. His run defense is also extremely sound and he prides himself in it. Greenard can start day 1 at OLB and wreck havoc. Super excited to watch his career with the Texans.

Interview Questions

TT: "Thanks so much for doing this, really excited to talk ball with you."

JG: "No problem."

TT: "I always like to start off with this question, for those that don't know much about you, tell me about your game and what you bring to the Texans, maybe like your strengths and weaknesses?"

JG: "Yeah, first and foremost my knowledge of the game is what kind of helps me out. I'm not the most athletic, nor the strongest, or fastest, but I try and put myself in situations where I don't have to rely on my athletic ability. I'm a very high energy guy, love the game of football. You're gonna see I play every snap really hard. I just go out there and try to be the best version of myself, so I can help my teammates and my team, so we can get to where we want to be."

TT: "How was the draft process like for you? Which Texans coaches did you talk to and did you have a feeling the Texans might draft you?

JG: "Yeah, I believe coach Bobby King was there and some other scouts were there. But I had a really good feeling about Houston, I met them down at the Senior Bowl initially and I was just in that process, you know, going over film, I felt that they understood that I kind of ran a similar system like I did at Florida with Coach Grantham. I was basically diagnosing the plays in the same ways that we ran them. They were using the same terminologies and certain things, so once they understood that I had a feel for the game of football and their system overall, it made their decision a lot easier. Obviously, after the Senior Bowl I didn't really talk to them that much. They were a team that would still hit me up here and there, just talk to me as little as possible just to keep me in the loop. But you know, when draft day came, they weren't one of the teams that I went into it and was like, alright this is my final three. But they were still a team I had high on my list just because of how good of a vibe it was down in Mobile at the Senior Bowl."

TT: "That's awesome. So you talked to Bobby King you said, and some other coaches, did you talk to Anthony Weaver, the DC?

JG: "I honestly don't remember. I remember I had a second interview, talking with them. I believe I did talk to Coach Weaver, but yeah it was pretty much just also talking to Coach Rumph down at the combine, and he's my position coach. And that's when I originally knew that I had a good vibe with them, so that if I did go there, you know, he used to be at Florida as well, so if I did go there, I would be in good hands with him."

TT:" Yeah for sure, for sure. Alright, Has training camp started for the rookies too? Im pretty sure it has for the veterans but I don't know if it has for the rookies too."

JG: "Yeah we've been doing virtual meetings. We just got introduced to the veterans yesterday. It was pretty good, you know seeing guys like JJ Watt, Whitney Mercilus, BJ (Brandon) Dunn, guys who've been in the league for a while, and just understanding how they go about their business. It's been pretty good so far."

TT: "Yeah so it sounds like it's kind of surreal for you, to get to see that?"

JG: "Yeah especially when I see JJ Watt and I'm on the same team as this guy, now we just sitting here talking about ball. He's learning just like I am. As many years as he's been in the game, you know he's still learning, there's a lot of things that can help him grow and help us grow at the end of the day."

TT:" Yeah that's awesome, I'm sure he's gonna be someone you look up to in the locker room. Alright, so now that you've kind of got into training camp and you mentioned that the Texans and Florida, they kind of ran similar schemes so you knew about the terminology and stuff. Have the Texans coaches told you how they want to use you in their scheme? BOB mentioned he envisions you as an ideal SAM in the defense and that they can rush you off the edge, on the interior and drop you in coverage too. Can you just talk a little bit more on that?

JG: "Yeah me, I'm learning just the playbook and the basics, the usual. I haven't really learned too much on the different positions. Obviously like you said, the SAM is one I definitely learned, where I kind of just had to key in and learn. But like I said, hopefully if they feel like I can play a lot of different positions its honestly just about as much as I can learn. The more I learn the more I can play. So it's just about getting the playbook down and I'll be good.

TT: "Sweet, sweet, yeah for sure. Alright, I got one fan question from you, I asked my followers on Twitter for a question and Textros111 said: "Which player on the Texans defense are you most excited to play with and learn from?"

JG: Whitney Mercilus definitely. Just because he's been a guy I've been watching since he's been in the league. I think it's his ninth or tenth year coming in, something like that. And I just really want to learn from someone who's still playing at that high of a level. Who has that same twitch and that same burst off the ball and who's had a lot of success in this league. It's gonna be very very great to be next to him. Also, like I said JJ Watt as well. These guys who are physical specimens and guys who've just been dominant, I can just learn a lot from.

TT: "Yeah it's awesome. So when I was scouting you, I don't like to do player comparisons, its not perfect but everyone does them. So, one of the guys I compared you to is actually Whitney Mercilus and I see you as kind of similar build, similar game where, he has some burst and so do you, but maybe you guys aren't the elite athletes, but you get it done with your technique and your understanding of the game.

JG: "Right, right."

TT: "Alright, perfect. Okay last question before we get into the film and this one might be a bit longer but I'm really interested to hear your answer. The major thing I look for in a pass rusher is if they rush with a plan. Do they seem like they know what move or moves they are going to use before the play starts. Because, especially in the NFL, you can't solely win off of athleticism. And that's why I'm so high on you, because you don’t rely on that. You certainly use your athleticism, but you're a very technically advanced pass rusher. You've got a lot of moves and counter moves. So, Im wondering, what goes through your mind as a pass rusher, when you're getting ready for the ball to be snapped. Do you go into a play thinking, okay I'm gonna club, dip and rip. Or is it more reactionary for you, based on how the tackle is leveraged and when he punches, that determines the move you'll use.

JG: "It's definitely like you say. I go into the snap, obviously knowing its about your opponent. If I see a guy who his kick step is slower, I'm gonna try and get off the ball use my slap, dip, rip and if he gives me an overset, I know I'm going inside. But if he continues to give me what I want, I'm going to stay with my move. I don't want to switch and even if he's giving me that slow kick step, I don't want to, say I'm gonna use side sizzors, or try and beat him around the edge. I'm gonna stay with my decision and use my slap, dip, rip throughout that whole time, until he gives me something different. Now, if he gives me his chest, then of course, I'll turn it into a bull rush. But it's just a lot of things, of course I definitely go into it with a plan, but outside of that I just react and once that time comes and if he gives me something that I don't want.

TT: "That's awesome, yeah so it's just a combination of both. It's something, when I'm scouting these college prospects, a lot of them they don’t go into it with a plan, and I can tell. And I can tell that you do it. And one thing that you mentioned is your inside move, and I think you're the best guy I scouted this year at taking that inside move because you fake outside and then go inside. All the tackles, their oversetting to the outside nowadays, their scared of speed and so that just leaves the inside open, and you've done a great job at taking that for sure.

JG: "Yeah."

Film Breakdown

TT: "So I'm just gonna play the play real quick and talk about it but I mainly want to hear it from you. You're the player, you know what's going on. I just want to hear your thoughts about it. So, just really quickly, on the edge here, nice inside move, swim over and get the hit. Alright, let's hear it!"

JG: "Yeah so with the RB to me, I'm instantly thinking he's (the OT) going to come out to me, and if he comes out to me it’s a pass. But I was really expecting him to go down. Once I see that he really wants to get out towards me I see that we have a three tech so they kind of have that man side over there. So I know that guard is going to be occupied by a three technique. Which means that the tackle usually is going to set out a little more because he knows that he has a guard 1-on-1. But yeah, when I saw it, I gave him a little hesi outside and a club over and once I see him reaching, I knew I had him, because at this point he has to hold me. But I kind of used that and I used an ice pick sort of. So when I swam over top, I used the back of my elbow to kind of prod in his back, because if you don't let me go, I'm gonna pull your shoulder out of place. So he eventually let me go and he was still holding me but I see the QB and I thought he was gonna scramble but then I just got a clean look head on.

TT: "Yeah that’s awesome I love how you broke it down. I didn't notice that but yeah with your elbow in his shoulder he's gotta let go or you're gonna break that thing haha."

JG: "Yeah, yeah"

TT: "So on this play, it's kind of just building off that last move, where before you went outside then inside, and then this one, boom you spin back outside. So just a counter move that you've added to your arsenal. So yeah, talk me through it."

JG: "Yeah I knew this guy, he was definitely scared of my speed. So I initially thought he was just gonna kick step out and try and cut me off from the ball really quick. But once I saw that we have a 1 technique to our side, I knew that guard has to respect that and he'll be occupied. So there'll be a little space for me to win. I know that I have to initially win because I didn’t give my guy inside of me a call to wrap outside and contain, because I'm gonna be making that inside move. Initially I thought, if I don’t get him initially, I just got to get back outside contain. But with him coming in, his hands weren't the best and he's not the best athlete. So when I went inside, he cut that off a little bit and then I basically came back out because he's starting to reach. Because once he starts to reach he's leaning over and I had him pretty much. Then I definitely should've ripped a little bit more, ripped or just swiped his hands off, and get to a finishing move. Because the QB is right there, it's just, he got that little edge on me just to push me a little bit and that QB is an athlete, and that's all he needed was a slight slip and you know, missed the sack but I definitely like one of those, that's one of my favorite moves to do. That inside then counter outside spin."

TT: "Yeah I love that man, it's like there's a Plan A, Plan B, and then Plan C is the spin outside. And then just like you said adding that one last move which you noticed on film so you're probably gonna do it next time. Just that rip at the end. That's a fun move man. Alright, so next play, just more of your spin move, you do it so quick but the ball is out instantly. But if he held it for any longer that's a sack.

JG: "Right, yeah and a lot of people kind of get on me for that just because I got off the ball kind of late. With me getting off late, I can see that he has an upper edge on me, that I'm not gonna beat him on the outside. So when he got the jump on me, I was like okay, my next move is either gonna have to be a bull rush or an inside move. And I figured with this guy he's already setting outside so fast he thinks im gonna go outside so why not give him the spin right off the bat. This is early in the game too, I think this is our 2nd play, so I just wanted to see how he handles the spin move. You know, some guys are gonna catch it, or some guys are gonna try and wash you down. Some guys wont stop it at all. So once I see him being out there and I had so much space, me having that influence of taking him upfield, its basically gonna scare him. So when I spin back around, I have a lot of space in there. And I could club across but as you can see when I'm still spinning, he's still reaching trynna just grab me from the inside. I mean, he's kind of hip locked a little bit, but you see him drop his inside foot and kind of becomes square. So I still have a lot more space to work with, him being that far and deep in the backfield.

TT: "Yeah you mentioned he drops that inside foot, and that's what kind of screwed him up here. Because he opens up for you and you have that open alley, and man, that would've been a sack man.

JG: "Yeah, yup."

TT: "Oh my, this is my favorite play, probably my favorite play I've seen all year of scouting, definitely my favorite of you. This is just nasty, I'm just gonna let it play first."

JG: "Yeah, that QB is a little athlete too."

TT: "Yeah he just barely got away from you. That would've been all over Sports Center."

JG: "Yeah because what I did, initially if you see him, when I get back there, he's looking away, so he's looking to the field. And I think I have the kill shot. And even right there at the rip, he's still looking, and so I'm like, I'm gonna get a kill shot. And then he looks back at the last second and gives me a move and I'm running with a full head of steam trying to kill him. And then I ended up missing it. But yeah, that move, everyone knows where that move came from, that's my Demarcus Ware comparison right there. He did that fake spin against… ah, I forget who, I'd have to go back and look. But he did it so smooth. And honestly, that move right there I just thought of it on the fly, that wasn’t even a predetermined thing. I was honestly just rushing, and it was a somewhat solid get off. And I had been making the inside move all game, as you see me do the club over earlier. I been doing the inside move all game, and I did the spin earlier too, and I said, you know what, let me give him a little switch up. You know, fake the spin, kind of caught me a little bit. But at that point, yeah right there, his feet were stopped. So at that point he kind of bear hugged me. And you see I kind of put my hand in his back a little bit, and I honestly just threw him. I kind of clubbed him across, and I ripped through, and it was there.

TT: "Yeah, it was right there, he just stepped up at the last second, damn."

JG: "Well yeah it's sort of a designed play for it. Number 7, Moon, he's the spy, and he sees it at the last second and he cleans it up for us."

TT: "Ah, he's the spy, at the bottom here."

JG: "Yeah, yeah he's the spy. So coaches tell us, make whatever move you want, get him off the spot, get the sack, or we got a guy to spy for him. Me, I'm just going for a kill shot, because I know someone else is gonna clean it up."

TT: "Yeah that's true, your rushing responsibilities kind of change based on what play you're calling. If you got a spy or not you can be a little more aggressive for sure. One quick question I just thought of, you lined up in a bunch of different stances. Do you have a favorite, 2 point or 3 point or whatever?"

JG: "Me personally, I like to be on all fours. Just because I've been in a four point stance since high school, and that’s kind of the stance they taught us. And then when I got to college, obviously they taught us the 2 point and 3 point stances, which is all comfortable to me. But if I really just want to take off the ball, I'm gonna get down into the four point."

TT: "So you think you have better explosion off the snap with your four point stance?"

JG: "Mmhmm, yup."

TT: "Okay so on this play, we've seen a lot of your more technical rushes and this one is just a nice bull rush from you, which is technical too, but it's also just straight power here."

JG: "Yeah this guy, I've been pretty much having a field day against this guy. And you see off the jump, with his kick step, he's already leaning back, and leaving his chest wide open. Now with him being a right handed QB, I didn't want to make an inside move, I either wanted to use my slap, dip, rip, or a power move and keep my outside arm free. So I got up under his chest and under his chin and that's kind of when I knew I could take him back for a ride, and he had no choice but to hold me or else I was gonna get the sack. He has like my whole chest strap, shoulder and all that, but it's all good, they ended up calling it on that one. This was just a good time to switch it up. You know, people look at me they don't think I'm gonna bull rush anybody. The numbers say I'm 263, which I am, I'm 265 actually, but when you look at me, my stature doesn't show off as a bull rush guy. So I gotta give them a little switch up here and there to keep them on their toes."

TT: "Yeah for sure, like you said that's a really good point, you don't want to go inside because the QBs right handed and he can roll out to his strong side. So, that's a really good point, I never really thought about that. Yeah, this is just beautiful man, because it's all about getting low and getting into their chest and that's exactly what you do."

JG: "Right, right."

TT: "So with this play, you had 10 sacks last year and honestly, I think you could've had like 10 more. You got so close on so many plays."

JG: "Exactly."

TT: "Yeah you had so many pressures and where you were right in the backfield, and here you had him wrapped up here and he's just able to barely get away. I'll ask you about that later, but just break this one down for me."

JG: "Yeah with this play, how I think about it in this formation, it's kind of early in the game, but I know with Coach Diaz, which is Miami's coach, he worked under Coach Mullen (Florida's Head coach). So we saw all camp, that we'd been using that bunch formation, out of singleback and it was either that the tight end was gonna come back, or they have one-on-one blocks over there, or it's gonna be a play action. So, they're not really in a sort of drop back formation because that puts their linemen in a bind. Obviously they don't have the greatest lineman, so you're gonna match protect them or do something to keep the defensive linemen on their heels. This play initially, I kind of seen this tackle, you can look at his stance and tell that he's not gonna run block me at all. He's kind of slighted back, looking out at me, and he doesn't have all of his weight on his hands. So I initially thought, I'm taking off, I'm getting off the ball. If it is a run, I'll have to sit down, but once I see him open up even more, I was like, oh yeah this is definitely a pass. Because if this was a run block, he would've came straight at me. But he came backwards, tried to catch me at an angle, so I knew it was play action.

TT: "Yeah that's awesome. I really like your knowledge of the game, I can tell you know a lot. So right here, what I was gonna ask, like you said with the Demarcus Ware half spin, sometimes you're just coming in full speed and you got a head of steam, you just want to go for the kill shot. And sometimes it just doesn't work and they're able to kind of avoid you. So I don't know if that's something you can kind of work on, because you can rack up the sacks, you literally should've had like 20 sacks last year it was ridiculous."

JG: "For sure, right. Nah that's definitely an issue I had, so this game, it was literally the first game of the season. You know, just fresh off camp, me missing a whole entire year, there was just a whole range of emotions going on. But I also wanted to try and keep it tight. Because I know QBs in general they just want to step up all the time. So me taking that angle right there was sort of a bad angle, but it was also an angle I was thinking could possibly prevent him from stepping up. Which is why you can see I kind of bend it right there, I thought he was gonna step up a little bit more, but he ended up backing up. But yeah, finishing is definitely my thing, what I'm gonna get better at it comes from grip strength, and I had that club on my hand and I'll wear it again but I definitely didn’t have as much rehab, but now my hand obviously feels really good, grip strength wise. So I believe I'm gonna finish them now. And that guy on me, he wasn’t a little guy either, he's an athlete, the QB is. And with them Adidas uniforms, I used to wear them Adidas uniforms and if you don't grab them, like literally grab a hold of them, you're not just gonna grab them by the jersey. But my boys were whooping them boys and they ended up getting the sack, so we good."

TT: "Yeah I mean, you caused the pressure here, you helped them out with the sack. But that's interesting you mentioned, the Adidas uniforms it can be that different, from Nike ones, I'm guessing?"

JG: "Oh yeah, yeah we had the Jordan ones, but when I was with Louisville the year before, that's all we wore was the Adidas ones. They are literally the tightest jerseys you will ever be a part of. I mean, you put them on, you have to get at least one or two people to help you put the jersey on, just because they're that tight. Those jerseys, I mean they're nice, but it's a process to get them things on."

TT: "Alright so this is just one more play, I'm not trying to nitpick your game or anything, but it's just one more play of you getting there and just not being able to finish it. Senior Bowl here and it's a really good rep here against Josh Jones, everyone was saying he was gonna be a first round tackle, and you kind of embarrassed him here, you got right by him and into the backfield. But yeah, break this one down for me."

JG: "So I initially just wanted to get off the ball, knock his hands down, because he's a grabber. And when I knock his hands down his footwork is solid, it's not the greatest but I know once I knock his hands, I can beat him. But as I beat him, he grabs the back of my shoulder pad, like literally a horse collar. If you keep playing… right there, yeah he grabs me and I had a perfect angle and I would've dove for him. And even on the sideline we were trying to figure out why it wasn’t a holding call. But I took a bad angle, because when I went to look back and I watched Michigan with Shea Patterson, he loves to do that. He loves to get a little move and that whip tail around and do that every time he feels pressure. So I can definitely be a better student of the game, studying the QB and knowing my opponent. But I definitely could've taken a better angle, you know, I'm not trynna make any excuses, I definitely could've finished that. But yeah, it's a good rep, I just gotta finish it.

TT: "Yeah no, I'm not trynna downplay you or anything like that, like obviously you got there, you did all the steps to get into the backfield its just, if you finish these its gonna be amazing. And like you said, you know their tendencies, you know he comes out here. So it's just a matter of time, and you're gonna get it down."

JG: "Right, for sure."

TT: "Alright so we talked a lot about your pass rush, but I think a lot of people they don't realize how great of a run defender you are, and how smart of a run defender you are. So I'm just gonna play this one real quick, just you setting the edge, and blowing this dude back, and then making the tackle. So yeah, talk about the run game for you."

JG: "Yeah, personally I like to stop the run just because, I've been taught to stop the run so much, we have to earn the right to rush the passer. First and second down, that's where I thrive at. Love to create negative plays, so I know for a fact that 3rd down it's gonna be a pass. You know, I hate being in 3rd and 7, 3rd and 8 situations because those are still sort of on the fence. You could get a short pass, or some teams are gutsy and they're gonna play for 4 down territory, and just give it a shot. And it could still be a run, just depending on what kind of philosophy the coaches have. But this play I wanted to get off the ball, I knew this was definitely gonna be a run play so that way they could make it 3rd and manageable. And I knew that this guy was gonna be coming at me, as you can see his weight is all forward on his hands, low hat. I actually was a little too high getting off the ball, but I got off the ball and he was late off the ball, and once I knew he was late off the ball I can explode into him, lock out. I got under his pads and pretty much stack and shed. I mean I can definitely get my eyes a little more outside, but I put him outside. It's either I get outside or I put him outside and I can easily snatch off and bounce back outside or two gap it if you will."

TT: "Yeah I like what you said you can still snap back outside because as long as you're into his chest you can control him. Also, because the RB is coming from this angle, he's probably not gonna be going all the way outside here, so it's probably gonna be an inside zone or whatever it is. So yeah you took a good angle here and made a nice tackle. I also like what you said about how you said you're all about run defense and getting them into those 3rd and long situations. Especially as a rookie you have to be able to stop the run to get on the field, or else they aren't gonna play you, you know. So, you're definitely good at that and you're gonna get your snaps for sure."

JG: "Right."

TT: "Alright, this play, yeah you said it man, you had a day against Missouri. This right tackle oh man. So this was one of my favorite plays, it just shows more of your smarts. I think I know what happened, but Im gonna let you talk."

JG: "Yeah we got a corner blitz coming on, traditional corner blitz. Actually they changed it, based on the formation and the split, they changed it for the safety to come. Basically I'm slanting down, I got the B gap, but I see the tackle coming down, and I'm supposed to spill every block that comes to me. But what we did, and I learned this in high school, but we basically squeeze that tackle down, that way we can free up our LB up top, which ended up freeing up number 51. So now, not only do they think they have a hat for hat, but now we sort of exchanged jobs almost. Because initially, my job, when one guy comes, I'm only supposed to spill one guy. Me spilling one guy, I'm supposed to spill that guard, and I would have to take that Tight End head on. But all we actually did is gap exchange, because the LB takes the TE because the TE missed me, and he thinks I'm just gonna go down with the tackle. But I seen this play coming from a mile away. I seen him trynna do the fake toss, so I knew something was up. So I basically just stuck my foot in the ground, got upfield and met him right in the hole."

TT: "Yeah, so you said it exactly like I figured, you're just slanting inside and since you have that safety coming down, they have that outside contain. So it's just a gap exchange between you, the safety and the LB. So this is just really smart, like you said, the offensive linemen they think that you're going with them, that you're going outside. But you just get behind them and avoid all the blocks altogether and make the play. So that's awesome."

JG: "Yup."

TT: "Alright last play here, it's just you dealing with two blocks here, TE and the RT. I really like what you did."

JG: "Oh yeah, yeah yeah."

TT: "Yeah and even though you don't technically make the play here, you really made this play. Like even though you don't get a tackle, you force this."

JG: "Right. Yeah so this is our base package, I just knew with this motion going away, they're trying to influence our LBs, influence the box a little, try and gain an edge on us. But I knew this TE was coming out to me. Either it was gonna be a toss play or it's gonna be some type of zone stretch. But I just knew earlier in the game I was kind of bullying him, just trynna impose my will, try and make him know that I'm still a physical presence here. And I see on this play he initially overreached me, I swim inside, and I see this guard coming, so I knew it was gonna be some toss or G-action. So I basically ended up taking him head on, and with the TE missing his block and I took out this guy, I took up two blocks, and left 51 open. And like you said, just because I didn't get the stat there, that's one of those unrecorded stats that I pride myself on. I mean if you watch film, or ask anybody I love doing that for my teammates. I love doing that. Whether I'm taking a block or making a play, I love doing anything to help the team succeed. You know, he's free, he's clean and he makes the tackle."

TT: "Yeah, like you said these unrecorded stats, the run defense it's a whole team effort, one player doesn't make or break it. Even if you're really good, which you are, it's still a bunch of pieces, like he (51) still needs to make the tackle. But you make this play, you make it easy for them, you take on two blocks, and I don't know what's happening, the TE's still trying to block you haha. But anyways, those are all my plays that I got. Really appreciate you coming on, taking the time, I don't want to take too much of your time, but it was great having you."

JG: "Appreciate you, thanks for having me."

TT: "Actually I got one more quick question while I have you. So, no player is perfect whether you're a rookie or a veteran, is there on thing you're looking to work on going into camp?"

JG: "Yeah, just finishing, like we talked about. Just finishing the second move, just finishing the rush and making it that much easier. The initial move is always good, but we in the big leagues now. So, they getting paid to grab you, and doing whatever they gotta do to make sure you don't touch their 40, 50 million dollar guy at QB. Just finishing the top of the rush, bending more, getting a lot more flexible. I'm doing a number of things, just learning from the vets like I said. I'm gonna be honing in, just so that I can learn that much more and so it can put me over the hump. I don't know everything, it may seem like I do, but I got a good understanding of how to play ball, good understanding of offensive schemes. But to get that extra notch of learning from these veterans, who've been there and understand different offensive coordinators and understand how the game goes, it's only gonna help me more. So yeah bending and just taking knowledge and just learning and taking the wisdom that they're giving off to me."

TT: "That's awesome man, sounds like you're really coachable and ready to learn and get better, and that's all you can really ask for out of a rookie. I really hope they start you, I think they can start you in the other 3-4 OLB spot across from Whitney Mercilus."

JG: "Hopefully man, hopefully, hopefully."

TT: "Yeah man, playing on the same line as JJ Watt and Whitney Mercilus, it's gotta be the dream."

JG: "Crazy, it's crazy."

TT: "Yeah, it's great talking to you, maybe we can connect again later sometime."

JG: "For sure."

TT: "Good luck in the season, stay safe with everything that's going on, and just good luck, have a good one."

JG: "Will do, appreciate it man."