2022 NFL Draft QB Rankings | Jordan Pun - Texans Thoughts

As the 2022 NFL Draft nears closer and closer I will be releasing my positional rankings! This will provide a brief idea of what the player provides on the field, the score I gave them purely based on their film and which round I would select them. The scouting report summary comes from each player's individual scouting report in my 2022 NFL Draft Guide, so if you want to learn more about the prospects in this class, you can find that here!

First up, quarterbacks! While this class has been touted as weaker - and it is - statistically, some of these QBs will become franchise guys. We've heard the 2017 QB class was weak, but Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes proved scouts and media wrong. Who from the 2022 class has the chance to do the same?

QB1: Matt Corral, Ole Miss

Film Grade: 52/70

Round Grade: 1st

Summary from scouting report: "Elite competitive toughness as a runner and thrower who can manipulate and attack all three levels of the field but needs to improve his base to be more consistent with the deep ball and work on anticipation."

Analysis: I am a big believer in intangibles at the QB position, namely, work ethic. The best NFL QBs improve from their college version and there was no QB who improved more from the 2020 to 2021 season than Corral.

Before a storm of injuries hit the Ole Miss QB and numerous starters, Corral was lighting the college world on fire and had valid QB1 hype. He cut down his INTs from 14 to 4, showing improved decision-making. Furthermore, he displayed an ability to elevate his teammates and carry an offense, despite not being at full strength.

While the concerns over Corral's capability to run a pro-style offense right away are valid, his intangibles and athletic gifts - with underrated rushing ability (597 yards and 11 TDs in 2021) - make me a believer that in the right scenario he'll figure it out, much as Watson and Mahomes did.

QB2: Malik Willis, Liberty

Film Grade: 45/70

Round Grade: 1st

Summary from scouting report: "Elite athletic gifts and arm talent of a franchise QB but inconsistent mechanics and lacks anticipation, making him a development option with a sky-high ceiling."

Analysis: My excitement for Willis is largely due to the same lens I view Corral through. When the QB position is such a crap shoot anyways, give me the guy with the highest potential.

Willis' arm talent, rushing prowess and ability to connect with teams throughout the draft process help me buy in to his stock. He isn't without flaws, but we've seen that in the right scenario, raw QBs can improve the mental and technical aspects of their game.

Willis has a lower film grade than the next few QBs on my list, but his ranking is all about what he could be in 3-5 years, not entirely based on what he is today.

QB3: Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh

Film Grade: 47/70

Round Grade: 2nd

Summary from scouting report: "Experienced and athletic quarterback with the arm strength to make all the throws and can win within the pocket with poise and making smart decisions plus win outside the pocket but can improve his anticipation and has outlier hand size."

Analysis: Pickett is a fascinating evaluation because he profiles as a pro-ready QB and has some traits which would agree with that statement. Yet, for a fifth-year "super" senior there are still aspects of his game that you'd hope to see more improvement within.

My biggest issue with his game isn't his tiny hands, but rather his lack of anticipating throwing windows which leads to Pickett holding the ball for the 2nd longest time among QBs in this class (behind only Willis). Now, Pickett does have feasible mobility to escape the pocket and extend the play, but he's no Willis or Corral in that sense and projects best as someone who primarily wins within the pocket.

Ultimately, his accuracy and poise in the pocket provide shades of Derek Carr to me and I think that'd be a great outcome for Pickett, even if it takes longer than most expect.

QB4: Carson Strong, Nevada

Film Grade: 47/70

Round Grade: 2nd

One line summary from scouting report: "Pocket passer with high football IQ, pocket management skills and a rocket arm but has limited effectiveness out of structure."

QB5: Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati

Film Grade: 45/70

Round Grade: 2nd

Summary from scouting report: "Athletic, dual-threat passer with a live arm but can be wildly inaccurate at all three levels of the field and needs to stop telegraphing throws."

QB6: Sam Howell, North Carolina

Film Grade: 43/70

Round Grade: 3rd

Summary from scouting report: "Competitive winner from the pocket who is mechanically sound and accurate but can lock onto his reads and has average arm talent and athleticism which limits him under pressure."

QB7: Skylar Thompson, Kansas State

Film Grade: 44/70

Round Grade: 3rd

Summary from scouting report: "Poised pocket-manager with plus anticipation and placement and has solid but not elite arm talent."

QB8: Bailey Zappe, Western Kentucky

Film Grade: 40/70

Round Grade: 4th

Summary from scouting report: "Polished and productive pocket winner with impressive accuracy and touch but lacks ideal height, frame and arm strength."

QB9: Kaleb Eleby, Western Michigan

Film Grade: 36/70

Round Grade: 6th

Summary from scouting report: "Intriguing rhythmic thrower who is accurate and mobile but underdeveloped in making full-field reads, struggles under pressure and has just sufficient arm talent."

QB10: D'Eriq King, Miami

Film Grade: 39/70

Round Grade: 6th

Summary from scouting report: "Athletic but undersized QB who is adept in the quick game and can make full field reads but his current mechanics limit arm strength and decision making is erratic."