2021 NFL Draft Profile #9: Landon Dickerson | Alabama Center

Landon aligns at Center for the Alabama Crimson Tide. #69 on the field, he's listed at 6'6, 325 lbs and is a Redshirt Senior.


- Wide and powerful build, biggest guy on a HUGE Alabama OL

- Powerful punch, well placed hands, and wins at the point of attack

- Drives his feet to generate power, plays with wide base

- Consistently creates push on the LOS

- Great at combo blocks, creating push on the initial DT, then making contact at the 2nd level

- Regularly strikes LBs in the chest and creates running lanes

- Pancake MACHINE

- Aware in pass protection, helps Guards well and picks up blitzers

- Day one starter, best in gap/power scheme

Wins a 1-on-1 block here through good inside hand placement and driving his feet. Plays low and has absurd power for a Center. Good job attacking the right shoulder of the DT, angling him away from the direction of the run. Dude gets taken for a ride!

Works doubles at a high level. Creates push at the point of attack and puts the defender in the dirt. Amazing fit in a gap/power scheme, consistently resetting the LOS. Will set the tone in the run game.

He quickly puts the DT in the dirt, then works to the 2nd level. For his size, he moves well north-south. Pushing the LB into the end zone. Can take a run game to the next level.


- Doesn't have elite mobility, often needed from a Center to make reach blocks in a zone scheme, but he is still reliable

- Occasionally slow to get his hands up after the snap. He's so powerful it usually doesn't matter, but could hurt him at the next level

Round Projection

The Draft Network: Early Second Round

Pro Football Network: Fourth Round

Texans Unfiltered: Late First Round, injury in SEC Championship could hurt his stock though

Fit with Houston Texans

Landon is the best interior offensive linemen prospect I've evaluated so far. He would be a dream pick of mine in the 3rd round. Day one starter over Nick Martin, and has also played guard, so offers positional versatility. Amazing fit in a gap/power scheme, that a head coach like Brian Daboll would likely run. Wouldn't fit as well if we go with Saleh, who would likely bring a Shanahan deciple and run a zone scheme. If that happens, a move to guard would be the best. Overall, I want this dude protecting Deshaun Watson and setting a physical identity in the trenches.

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