2021 NFL Draft Profile #7: Sadarius Hutcherson | South Carolina Guard

Sadarius aligns at Left Guard for the South Carolina Gamecocks. #50 on the field, he's listed at 6'4, 320 lbs and is a Redshirt Senior.


  • Strong, compact body
  • Flashes of power and ability to drive defenders back
  • Generally plays with good pad level
  • Gap/power scheme fit


  • Lacks fundamentals and will need coaching refinement, not starter ready
  • Horrible hand placement, regularly misses contact altogether
  • Required constant help in pass pro from Center, or Left Tackle, clearly wasn't trusted
  • Movement skills were subpar, struggled to make reach blocks
  • Slow off the snap, lost to quicker DTs with ease

On this play Hutcherson (70/LG) is too slow off the snap and allows the DT to cross his face with ease. Resulting in a blown up play. This was a bad pattern to see in his film, and he pairs it with poor pad level and hand placement.

At times it looked like Sadarius didn't know how to punch defenders properly. Simply lowering a shoulder, then spinning around, looking lost. If this was a one time occurrence, I wouldn't be that worried, but that wasn't the case.

Round Projection

The Draft Network: Fifth Round

Pro Football Network: UDFA

Texans Unfiltered: Seventh Round

Fit with Houston Texans

Sadarius needs a lot of work and refinement to learn the little things that make an offensive linemen successful. That's not to say he can't be good one day, but he's not nearly polished enough for my liking. He has future potential in a gap/power scheme, but his physical attributes don't project towards a crazy high ceiling. I would be pretty upset if we took him any higher than the 7th round.

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