2021 NFL Draft Profile #5: Josh Myers | Ohio State Center

Josh plays Center for the Ohio State Buckeyes. #71 on the field, he's listed at 6'5, 312 lbs and is currently a Redshirt Junior.


  • Mauler in the run game with a nasty streak
  • Powerful hands, packs a punch consistently
  • Uses upper body strength to impose his will
  • Occasionally runs feet to generate power from lower body
  • Shows ability to create drive on double teams
  • Potential to start day one in a gap/power scheme

On this play you can see Josh (#71) takes pride in his ability to put defenders in the dirt. Working the double team with the LG, they drive the DT out of the gap, but Josh wants the pancake. His power is apparent throughout his film.

Josh (#71) showed a good ability to work off that initial combo block, and make contact at the 2nd level. He could be more consistent, but when he made strong contact, it was a thing of beauty. Here he chips the DT with his inside shoulder, then quickly attacks LB #10, clearing him completely out of the play.


  • Plays with poor pad level at times
  • Too easily stood up and pushed backwards
  • Rarely uses his lower body to his advantage
  • Not great at squaring up and making clean contact at the second level
  • Doesn't sustain blocks and "block to the whistle"
  • Gap/Power scheme limited

It was frustrating to watch Josh not finish his blocks or sustain them long enough. He generates good initial push, driving his feet and has good inside hand placement. But he can't hold on for long enough, need to clean this up at the next level.

Round Projection

The Draft Network: Late Second Round

Pro Football Network: Early Third Round

Texans Unfiltered: Mid Third Round

Fit with Houston Texans

I wouldn't mind Josh Myers in the 3rd round, but there are other IOL I like more in that range (Deonte Brown, Landon Dickerson). Myers would bring a physicality that we currently lack. He's played all three positions along the interior which is valuable as we don't know what to do with Nick Martin, or how Max Scharping will project for the future. If our future head coach wants to run a power/gap run scheme (Brian Daboll) Myers would be a great fit. Otherwise, I think he would struggle in a zone scheme.

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