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2021 NFL Draft Profile #18: Jaret Patterson | Buffalo Running Back

Jaret aligns at Running Back for the Buffalo Bulls. #26 on the field, he's listed at 5'9, 195lbs and is a Junior. "Jet" has put up video game like numbers this season, and is one of my favorite RBs in this entire class.


- Freak athlete who has explosive cutting ability, agility and elusiveness

- Great, not elite, long speed which leads to numerous long TDs

- Advanced vision in zone or gap scheme, making quick decisions

- Efficient footwork that allows him to change direction and hit gaps with no wasted movement

- Uses cuts to manipulate defenders out of their gaps

- Jump cuts cover so much space and he's great at selling the fake

- Great short area acceleration, constantly wins the edge vs a pursuing defender

- Runs feet when contact is made with a defender - runs hard and tacks on extra yards

- Not utilized much in the passing game, but has shown he has the skillset for it

My favorite quality about Jaret is how he manipulates defenders and punishes them. On this run Jaret takes two steps to his left, and manipulates LB #37 to follow him outside. Jaret quickly cuts back in between the tackles but has another defender in his way. His ability to make guys miss in a phone booth is amazing. Then the acceleration to go from stumbling, to top speed, wow, what a run.

Another example of nuanced running here. Jaret follows his pullers well and makes it easier on the WR to make his block. He strings the run outside for a few extra steps. Not only does that force the nickel defender to follow him outside, but it also gives #18 more time to get in position to block. Next, Jaret cuts it inside to the newly created lane. He looks like he was shot out of a cannon and no one's catching him.

Jaret is also a tough runner, despite not being the biggest back. His low center of gravity, plus great contact balance and willingness to fight for yards is all on display here. These traits allow him to be a good runner between the tackles and even on the goal line.


- Questions about competition, he put up video game like numbers against some poor teams

- Getting picky here but his lack of receiving production (13 catches in 13 games, 209 yards tho) could have some teams worried if he's just a runner

- However I think this is due to his large carry total, and how Buffalo envisioned his role

- He has the physical traits to be a great receiving threat

Round Projection

The Draft Network: Sixth Round

Pro Football Network: Fifth Round

Texans Unfiltered: Early Fourth Round

Fit with Houston Texans

Jaret would be a late round gem for the Texans. He's a very nuanced and efficient runner who gives us explosive potential. I think he fits with Duke Johnson (the more likely DJ to still be on our roster next year) perfectly, as the two have different strengths. Great running backs seemingly always fall to the mid/late rounds and this could be our shot at finally finding one. Jaret is my diamond in the rough candidate this year!

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