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2021 NFL Draft Profile #17: Chuba Hubbard | Oklahoma State Running Back

Chuba aligns at Running Back for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. #30 on the field, he's listed at 6'0, 207lbs and is a Redshirt Junior.


- Top end long speed, knows how to put on the afterburners for big plays

- Patient runner who is willing to wait for lanes to open

- Great acceleration allows him to blow through closing gaps

- Inconsistent, but flashes of great cutting ability

This touchdown run showcases his smooth cutting and great acceleration. As Chuba cuts left, then right, there is very little wasted movement. With three defenders around him, it's impressive that he was able to burst through and avoid being tackled, speaking to his great accceleration.

Elusiveness, acceleration and long speed, all on display here. Chuba's first cut to the right sets up the Safety (#20) to bite outside. Then Chuba cuts it back inside and burns the pursuit angle of 20. The CB (#15) looks like he has an angle, but Chuba has deceptive speed and that's six!


- Vision is questionable at times, causing him to attack the wrong gap where more yards could've been gained elsewhere

- Smooth cutter, but not explosive, doesn't create a lot of space on his jump cuts

- Decision making when running between the tackles is questionable

- Pass protection technique needs work, stop throwing shoulders and square up

While Chuba still picks up good yardage here, he missed an opportunity to pick up even more. He starts the run left, and everyone on that side got a hat on a hat. If he was more patient, he would've seen 72 climb to the LB. With the slot WR making contact on the S/LB, Chuba would've had tons of space. Instead he runs right, where two unblocked defenders are waiting for him.

There's too many instances in Chuba's film where he fails to make the first defender miss. On his cuts, he doesn't always get low, and explode off his plant leg. We see that here where his cut doesn't create enough space laterally. This is a basic play he needs to make.

We see both of the aforementioned issues compound together on this play. On the draw, Chuba runs left, where there are 3 defenders, to just 1 OL. Where he should've ran right, where there is only 1 defender to 1 OL. Yes, the OL were horrible on this play, particularly 50, but Chuba made a poor decision, then also failed to make the first guy miss, on another poor cut.

Round Projection

The Draft Network: Late Third Round

Pro Football Network: Early Second Round

Texans Unfiltered: Late Fourth Round

Fit with Houston Texans

Chuba's highlights look amazing, but highlights don't show the full picture, and his film shows a lot of inconsistencies. Chuba is the type of RB that won't look good if he doesn't have a good OL. He doesn't consistently add extra yardage that is not blocked for him. This makes him less appealing to me because we have a lot of question marks along our line.

He's someone who can really take advantage of an average/above average line and create explosive plays. But for where he's projected to be drafted, I would have to pass. This is a deep RB class with better options that are projected to be taken later. I'm just not that high on Chuba as the consensus.

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