2021 NFL Draft Profile #14: Levi Onwuzurike | Washington Defensive Tackle

Levi aligns at DT for the Washington Huskies. #95 on the field he's listed at 6'3, 288lbs and is a Redshirt Senior.


- Long arms keep offensive linemen away from his chest, and help collapse the pocket

- Constantly trying to swim over double teams in pass rush situations, creates havoc in the interior

- Shows good stacking and shedding principles on 1-on-1 blocks

- Best suited at 3-tech in my opinion, but has lined up from NT to EDGE

Good bull rush - extends arms into the chest of the center, drives feet to generate power. Collapses the pocket and forces a double. That length is a really useful tool.

This is where I want to see him, with 1-on-1 opportunities vs a guard. Nice punch-rip which gets him towards the QB. Washington rarely let him thrive in this type of role, because of how their defensive front aligned.

Levi shows some violence taking on blocks in the run game, again, in 1-on-1 opportunities. Lined up as a nose, Levi actually takes on the RG. Great strike to the chest, extension of the arms and shed of the block.


- Can play high at times, needs to get lower pad level to be stronger

- Inconsistent with using his hands to disengage from blocks

- Can be a split second late, when reading keys

Good initial strike towards the double team here, but he instantly raises his pad level. That allows him to be moved downfield with ease. We see this happen during run and pass scenarios. A coachable fix, and once that happens, watch out!

Projected Round

The Draft Network: Fourth Round

Pro Football Network: Third Round

Texans Unfiltered: Mid Fourth Round

Fit with Houston Texans

I like Levi in the 4th round for us. I think he can make an impact in the run and pass game. He fits best as a 3-tech if we run a 4-3, or a DE in a 3-4. He would require some coaching, but is a moldable ball of clay. His ceiling is certainly intriguing and if Anthony Weaver stays on the staff as a DL coach (his old role), Levi could be his latest prodigy.

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