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2021 NFL Draft Profile #12 Marvin Wilson | Florida State Defensive Tackle

Marvin aligns at DT for the Florida State Seminoles and plays anywhere from 0 to 3 tech on the line. #21 on the field, he's listed at 6'5, 311 lbs and is a Senior. A former projected top 10 pick, Marvin's stock has fallen a bit after an injury riddled 2020. However, that opens up the chance for the Houston Texans to steal him. #MarvinSoon

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- Huge frame and mountain of a man - first guy off the bus vibes

- Elite run stuffer and can play Nose Tackle to 3-tech

- Plays with violent hands, often striking offensive linemen's chest with force

- Generates power with good pad level and runs feet

- Nearly immovable on double teams and shows flashes of splitting them to make a tackle

- Can 1-gap and penetrate, or 2-gap, stack and shed

- Adds value on passing downs at NT or 1-tech, holding doubles, giving the 3-tech a 1-on-1

- Can collapse the pocket with pure power when given a 1-on-1

- Shows flashes of push-pull moves and swim moves to put pressure on the QB

- Great motor and effort most of the time

- Extremely high floor as an elite run defender, but still has high ceiling, if pass rush flashes become consistent

In my opinion Marvin would be best deployed as a NT or 1-tech, where he can dominate A-Gap. As a NT here, lined up over the Center, Marvin blows him off the ball, winning at the point of attack. He shoots off the snap, playing low, and punching the Center in the chest. He extends his arms and gets off the block, making the tackle too.

Marvin excels at holding doubles. He rarely gets moved, standing his ground and allowing his LBs to roam free. Every team can use a guy like him, to anchor a defense.

At his best, Marvin shows he can shed blocks, when doubled. This is an elite trait, and what makes him stand out from other "run stuffers". He's so violent with his hands, regularly tossing offensive linemen out of his way.

Those violent hands can be seen in pass rush scenarios too. When he's given 1-on-1 chances, he can flourish. He starts the rush with striking his hands into the chest of the Center. He's in a power position here and transitions to a swim move. He quickly realizes this won't work, and shoves the Center with his right arm, instead. That's insane strength and a career-ender for the Center.

Sometimes two offensive linemen aren't enough for him in pass pro. Marvin splits the double with a well-timed swim move. It's rare to see a guy his size move like he does. Plays like these help you understand why he was once seen as a top-10 pick. I agree, and think he's that good, when healthy.


- Isn't the most nimble on his feet like a Vita Vea, which is why he won't be a high first rounder, like Vea

- He can certainly still move for someone at his size, but is best suited for NT or 1-tech, working in A-Gap, rather than B-Gap

- While he has flashes of dominance in the pass game, he's not consistent enough here yet

- 2020 was a disappointment, injuries definitely hampered him, can he bounce back? (I think so!)

Round Projection

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Fit with Houston Texans

Marvin Wilson is what we thought we were getting with Ross Blacklock. Someone who can anchor a run defense and dominate A-Gap. He can fit into a 3-4 or 4-3, which is great as we don't know our defensive scheme yet. He can take on doubles and allow Blacklock to thrive at 3-tech, where he can be in a penetrating role. If Marvin is there in the 3rd round, you NEED to run that card in. He will help our league-worst run defense and make Zach Cunningham look like 2019 Zach. I want Marvin on our team badly, and if you do too, tweet me with #MarvinSoon

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