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2021 NFL Draft Profile #11: Alec Lindstrom | Boston College Center

Alec aligns at Center for the Boston College Eagles. #72 on the field, he's listed at 6'4, 290 lbs and is a Redshirt Junior.


- Great recovery skills when the initial punch/attack is lost

- Re-anchors and walls off penetration after giving up an initial 1 yard in pass pro

- Wide base and good footwork to create advantageous blocking angles

- Good lateral movement skills to make any block necessary

- Comfortable in Zone or Gap/Power scheme

Lindstrom (72) shows his recovering ability on this play where the EDGE catches him off guard at first. He gets blown back but works to get hands inside and eventually pushes the EDGE out of the play. Lindstrom understands the value of inside hand placement, and even shows some nasty putting the EDGE in the dirt!

Another example of this came vs a blitzing LB. Lindstrom gets pushed back initially, but gets his hands into the LBs chest. Most importantly, he keeps his feet moving, giving him space to work with, then re-anchors and shuts the LB out. Still providing a decent pocket for the QB to work with.


- Lack of weight is apparent in terms of play strength, specifically with upper body strength

- Often loses the initial punch and gets blown back a yard, need to see more violent hands

- Doesn't create that much push in the run game, needs to play with lower pad level at times

- Jack of all trades, master of none. Doesn't have elite mobility for a zone scheme, doesn't have elite strength for a gap/power scheme

He understands his responsibility on this combo block, but doesn't create good push. The DT holds the LOS and Lindstrom doesn't square up the LB, thus only gets one hand on him with his punch. Would like to see better contact here.

Round Projection

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Fit with Houston Texans

Lindstrom would be a solid "safe" pick in the fourth round, in my opinion. He can play in any scheme and offers positional versatility as well. Drafting him allows you flexibility depending on what you want to do with Nick Martin. As he grows into his grown man body and goes through NFL strength and conditioning, he will likely improve at moving defenders. He might not be a starter day one, but could grow into that role, or at the very least be stellar depth which is always needed.

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