2021 NFL Draft Guide | Texans Thoughts

The best time of the year is here, no it's not Christmas, Thanksgiving or your birthday, it's DRAFT WEEK! The 2021 NFL Draft has been gearing up to be the most unpredictable one yet. College athletes all over the nation have opted out of the 2020 season, the annual Combine in Indianapolis was cancelled, Pro Day testing numbers are less accurate than John McClain's Texans' predictions, and All-22 film is hard to come by for people like me (luckily I have some good friends).

All of those variables can lead to a lot of uncertainty. What Quarterback should the 49ers take at #3? Who are the best small-school sleepers this year? What round should my favorite team draft my favorite player? I've slaved away for the past month and put together the ultimate guide to help everyone out. You can find my Top-200 Big Board, Horizontal Big Board, Positional Rankings, Film Grades and 170 Scouting Reports on the prospects most likely to have their name called this year.

Use the guide, be the guide. Brag to your coworkers, friends and wife because you can recognize the names of the kids being drafted past the first round for once. Quote tweet stupid draft hot takes and tell them why they're so very wrong. Complete the perfect mock draft for your Houston Texans and see if you can beat the great Nick Casserole.

Everything you need to know for the 2021 NFL Draft can be found here: 2021-NFL-DRAFT-GUIDE-TEXANS-THOUGHTS