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In this weeks volume of Watson Watch I break down the film of the Colts, Jets, Eagles and Jaguars games. On a ridiculous 9 game winning streak the Houston Texans looked to keep it going and push the bounds of the impossible. The first test? The rival Indianapolis Colts come to Houston.


The Texans are in the middle of their best winning streak in franchise history. Last volume of Watson Watch looked at the start of the streak, and in this volume we continue it with wins against the Broncos, Redskins, Titans and Browns. Let's dive into the film through the lens of Deshaun Watson to see how he helped orchestrate this ridiculous winning streak.


Looking to completely turn their season around after starting 0-3, the Texans got their first W of the season against the Giants. You can see the breakdown of that game in the Volume 3, but today we are looking at the next 4 W's on this legendary winning streak. We beat the Cowboys, Bills, Jaguars and Dolphins. Three tough, close wins, then finally a dam burst and we exploded against the Dolphins. Let's dive into the film and see what happened from Watson's POV.


Watson Watch returns with volume three kicking off the 2018 season. Volumes one and two looked at Deshaun Watson's 7 game rookie season. We saw how he started off shaky (as expected), but started to put on a show, and was on pace to break numerous records. Unfortunately the injury slowed that parade, and Watson was forced to miss the rest of the season. Sitting out games allowed him to watch more film, get more comfortable with the offense, and have a better understanding of NFL defenses. His sophomore campaign would be filled with highlights, and the growth he made from his rookie season cannot be understated. Let's dive into the season!


In the second volume of Watson Watch, I take a look at Watson's next and final three games in 2017 against the Chiefs, Browns and Seahawks. Watson showed tons of promise in these games, throwing a ridiculous 12 TDs in total. He was on pace to break numerous rookie records but it all unfortunately had to come to a pause. It was a crazy fun rookie season though, and will be interesting to look at how much he improves from it.


In this article I relive and break down Deshaun Watson's first four games as a Houston Texan. We get to see the highlights and lowlights of a rookie Quarterback in the NFL. Deshaun has come a long way from when he first entered the league. You should notice as a rookie, his fundamentals, mechanics, and decision making are not as elite as they are now, in 2020. This series will look to analyze and document the immense growth Deshaun has made, and how we should expect him to continue to improve. Enjoy.


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