Texans Sign Cunningham to a new deal

Good Morning Texans Fans!Sunday was a welcome change in the offseason for us. The Texans locked up one of their core guys to a 4 year, $58,000,000.00 contract, that ties him to Houston for the next 5 years! Zach Cunningham has been an integral piece to the defense, becoming more and more of a well rounded LB in today’s NFL.As Jordan ( @Texans_Thoughts ) has said repeatedly, “The Film Don’t Lie” and it doesn’t. We’ve seen Zach blossom into a exactly what you want in a LB. He can stop the run, he can drop into coverage, and does everything well! Check out Jordan’s film breakdown below and see exactly why he’s such an important piece moving forward!This is one of the 3 extensions we’ve been waiting for this year. Tunsil was signed recently also, now Zach, next up is HOUdini, Deshaun Watson. Getting Tunsil and Zach done first was important, as it allows the team to structure Deshaun’s extension perfectly to fit under the cap, all while maintaining the core guys they need to be successful, and plan for more guys in the coming years!